A great quote

"What is common to the greatest number gets the least amount of care. Men pay most attention to what is their own; they care less for what is common; or at any rate they care for it only to the extent to which each is individually concerned. Even when there is no other cause for inattention, men are more prone to neglect their duty when they think that another is attending to it."  Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC) 

This quote reminds me that we are ALL here to take care of the Earth so the people who live here can ALL have clean air, clean water, clean soil.  There is nobody coming to do this for us.  It is up to all of us now to do what we can to help. Some of my coaching clients are doing incredible work in this space and I can support them to even greater heights.  I am reminded constantly that coaching is about going from good to really good; from thinking alone about issues and problems, to having a partner to brainstorm and be creative with; from experiencing life from only one perspective to seeing life from a multitude of perspectives... and it's so fun to do this work together!