I’ve read a lot of books by a lot of consultants, coaches and psychologists over the years and the rare thing—the most unusual and exciting thing—is when the author and the book are a perfect match, when there’s no difference between who the author really is, and what their book is.

This is one of those books—written by the extraordinary life and leadership coach, Tina Quinn.

It lines up. It’s that perfect match. The same unassuming, vulnerable, passionate and compassionate qualities that set Tina Quinn apart as an effective, transformative coach are also right here in this book.

With authors in the personal development field you usually get the other thing. Coaches and public speakers tend to load their books up with second-hand stories, motivational theories, already-popular ideas and borrowed opinions. In their books you get what they think—or what they think you should think—but not how they really experience life.

My own books have often erred in that direction, which is why I’m so envious and impressed by what Tina Quinn has delivered to us with this book.